Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace

Thriving employees simply do a better job! Creativity, problem solving and team citizenship flourish!

From our experience within Occupational Healthcare, we know how to work with wellbeing and mental health related issues in the workplace.

We help you with the ongoing task of ensuring emotional wellbeing in your organisation. Whether it is preventive efforts, supporting the psychosocial working environment, addressing all your employees or targeted leaders, or if it is individual support needed due to lack of motivation or wellbeing, we support you.

What we do

What we do

  • Mindfulness Training

    Learn to be fully present, find inner balance and detach yourself from stress

  • Stress Management Training

    Identify your own stress patterns, enable great life habits, and get tools to navigate yourself to a better life quality

  • The Energy Manager Training

    A training filled with exercises and tips to ensure energy, effectiveness and focus throughout your workday

  • Coaching to ensure Wellbeing and Personal Motivation

    Employees may have a tough time or not be thriving. Through 3 private sessions plus an additional meeting with HR/leader/employee a common plan for moving forward is defined and put into action.

  • Stress Coaching

    We support your employee through individual sessions in preventing or handling stress. We know when and how to involve doctors and HR/leaders to create a rehab strategy, leveraging your employee´s recovery.

On a practical note

On a practical note

All courses, programs and coaching sessions can be hosted physically or virtually. Depending on your preferences, we facilitate in either English, Danish or Swedish.

As our interventions may differ a lot based on customer needs, it is evident for us to set learning goals and define the learning process with HR/Management, and thereby anchor the learning directly within the organisation.

Book an inspiration meeting to discuss your challenges

No obligations, it only costs your own time. We usually set aside 1-1,5 hours for the meeting.