Birgitte Ekström

Birgitte Ekström

Birgitte Ekström


My greatest joy is to help people, who want to develop themselves, to reconnect with their authentic self and navigate their life, so they can live a happy and meaningful life, free of stress and overwhelm. Thereby increasing the life quality for themselves and those they love.

The values driving my life and my work are

LoveWe are all doing the best we can with what we have been given. We all have the same basic needs and deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life.
SpiritualityWe all have the capacity to learn to connect to our internal reservoir of amazing qualities like love, freedom, joy, meaning, excitement, creativity etc., instantly resetting the nervous system. My knowing is experience based.
DevelopmentLife is a learning process, if we choose to make it so, leading to an ever more fulfilling experience. Learning makes your world bigger.
QualityI care about what I do and make an effort to do it well

I have always been intrigued by how to make meaning of the inner and outer world. Trying to understand myself and others. Basically, I am a curious being, there is always something to learn.

After having finished my university degree in languages and economics I started my career as a Change Management consultant at Accenture, focussing on communication and learning & development. This highly competitive and international environment was very stimulating and the learning curve very steep. My next job was as a HR Manager in an Internet access company, which gave me the experience of structuring and running a HR department.

My passion for travelling led me to first-hand Buddhist teachings in Nepal, opening my eyes for how rich you can be as a human being, owning absolutely nothing. I started seeing my own life in a new perspective.

I studied a bachelor in organisational psychology at Lund´s university and after a short period as a Leadership Development Consultant at Carlsberg, I decided to follow my passion for individual psychology. Consequently, I became a small business owner in 2008. This led to a 4-year training as a psychotherapist, numerous coach trainings and meditation programs, all adding to me understanding and helping my self – and luckily others as well! I learned to tap into my deep inner potential, an amazing resourceful realm I did not know existed.

Since then, I have worked in different contexts, but always focussing on deep personal development processes as a leverage for success and fulfilment in life. Apart from working with my own clients and customers, I have also partnered up with other companies. I have worked as a therapist for 9 years at FeelGood Occupational HealthCare, I have taught an ICF accredited coach training program for 2 years at CoachCompanion and lastly, since 2014 I work as a Leadership Development Consultant at Mannaz, focussing on two yearlong personal development programs for leaders and talents.

I have truly found my passion, and I continue to be amazed and fascinated by the multifaceted nature of our inner world and how it links to our outer life circumstances. I am truly grateful to be a midwife for people´s beautiful transformation processes.

On a personal level, I am lucky and happy to have a thriving family with two fantastic children. I love my family, my friends, nature, yoga, meditation, learning, travelling, good food and the beauty of life itself.

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