Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching

Increase your wellbeing and capacity for leading yourself and others

We work individually with leaders on all leadership levels in various kinds of organisations, spanning from international high-tech companies to individual entrepreneurs.

Based on the leader´s current challenges, we unlock the mental, emotional, and relational potential and shape the behaviour needed for the leader to have a greater impact and ultimately succeed.

Accessing true passion and the authentic core is foundational for your power to transform and act.

What we do

What we do

  • Executive Coaching
  • Ongoing Leadership Coaching
  • Getting the first 100 days right (new job)
  • Coaching new Leaders (new as a leader)
  • Coaching around Shared Leadership
  • Coaching Entrepreneurs and Start-ups
  • Coaching participants as part of an ongoing Leadership or Talent Development Program
  • Coaching around ongoing difficult relationships or conflicts
  • Coaching to ensure Wellbeing and Personal Motivation
  • Stress Coaching
  • Coach and Hike
What previous clients say

What previous clients say


Client 1
Head of Hardware Engineering

She taught me to identify what makes me shine, and how I can try to do that as much as possible. I truly recommend Birgitte; as a coach, for courses as well as workshops within personal development and leadership!


Client 2
Technical Project Manager

“The coaching Birgitte gave has been very helpful to me to find out what is important to me, and thus also for the company! It’s like Birgitte has “polished my glasses” at every coaching – it’s been in front of me all along, but I haven’t been able to see clearly.”


Kaumudi Goda

“Krister offers a wonderful combination of clarity with compassion. The efficiency with which he ensures the conversation stays on track while using precise questioning to nudge towards deeper self-reflection ensures that you walk away from each session having delved into even the most opaque seeming dilemmas with several a-ha moments.”

What is coaching

What is coaching

Our coaching processes span over a minimum of 3 months to yearlong support (3, 6 or a 12-month package deals).

Typically, by the beginning of all coaching programs development goals are set in dialogue with the leader, leader´s leader/HR and the coach. Here additional support is agreed on, if needed. The number of coaching sessions is agreed to and the date for a follow up meeting is set, to track progress and identify further actions. There can be one or more follow up meetings depending on the length of the coaching program.

Occasionally we work with coaching solutions, where HR/Mgmt. do not wish to be a part of the coaching processes but see the coaching as a personal treat.

On a practical note

All coaching sessions can be hosted physically or virtually. Depending on your preferences, we facilitate in either in English, Danish or Swedish.

We follow ICF code of ethics – https://coachingfederation.org/ethics/code-of-ethics

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Often our clients want to continue the coaching process, or we get contacted by people outside of a business setting. Therefore, we also offer Life Coaching.

Your life coaching sessions are focussed on leveraging your growth, where it matters the most in your life. We help you connect to your deeper sense of authenticity, thereby finding new resources and a new direction, dissolve limiting beliefs, habits, and behaviours and create new empowering ways of being. We help you getting the insights and finding the tools that you need and support you in bringing this to life.

Do you want to….

  • Identify and clarify your ambitions, priorities, and potential?
  • Create balance and eliminate friction between your personal and professional priorities?
  • Tackle stress or worries in your life?
  • Being empowered, more confident and courageously go on a new journey, taking on new challenges while enjoying life?
  • Live in the present and set a direction into the future, where you want to be?

Try out a 30-minute free coaching call!

No obligations, no costs, but a chance for you to get the gist of coaching and its power to create insights, decisions and transform your life. We will focus on what is next in your life, your career of in business