Leadership training & Development

Leadership training & Development

Leadership training & Development

Increase the size of your leadership footprint

We excel at facilitating yearlong development programs, aiming at boosting personal and leadership development through learning processes centred around soft skills, communication, and leadership. These programs, aimed at leaders or talents, are supporting the organisation´s strategic goals and the learning is tied into the organisational everyday context to ensure growth and behavioural changes. We work in close partnership with our clients.

Our programs not only deliver leadership content “downloading information/software upgrade”, but also builds the capacity of the mind to grasp and process diverse and complex paradigms and information “upgrading the hardware”. This is essential, as no company can perform beyond the complexity that the minds of their leaders can handle.

We deliver a wide range of learning processes, spanning from ½ day workshops to yearlong leadership development programs.

What previous clients say

What previous clients say


Product Owner

During these two years Birgitte has organized courses and workshops for our group and also conducted individual coaching, and all this has had very high quality and great impact on us individually and on our group. I am very grateful for all that Birgitte has taught me about authentic leadership, coaching leadership, following your own values, about communication, and how she has inspired our group to become hugely tight-knit. Many thanks Birgitte!


Program Manager
Line Manager System Operation

Birgitte was fundamental in the success of the program, where she helped the participants in their self-awareness and growth as leaders. She has the ability to lead the development of the participants in a hectic and changing environment. Even in the time of the pandemic, she managed to keep a close and personal relationship with the participants and meet their specific needs.

What we do

What we do

1. Conscious Leadership Program

The program is for any company with a need to have a leadership pipeline of leaders being able to understand and handle complexity, conflicting interests and navigate in uncertainty. It is for leaders who are committed to upgrading their mental and emotional capacity in order to deepen their leadership impact in turbulent and complex waters.

2. Talent Development Program

For any company wanting to retain and develop high performers and leadership potentials. Get the gist of leadership and develop the personal capacities for self-leadership, collaboration, effectful communication and leadership.

3. Coaching Leadership

Learn the fundamentals of the Coaching Leadership style. Adapt the mindset, practise underlying skills, and get concrete tools to accelerate your employees´ learning, motivation and performance.

4. Authentic Leadership

Anchor your leadership and find the power and insight to handle today’s challenges. Align with your personal mission, motivation, values and strengths and craft your authentic leadership manifest.

5. Leadership Labs, team coaching process

Provides solutions to your current leadership challenges and develops your understanding of leadership.

6. Communication & collaboration

In most of our leadership and talent programs, we train leaders to become better at communicating and collaborating with others. We work around themes of:

  • Your mindset for effectful communication
  • Understanding my own/others communication styles (IDI profiling)
  • Fundamental Communication Tools
  • Effectful communication tools in teams
  • Coaching approach and method
On a practical note

On a practical note

All courses, programs and coaching sessions can be hosted physically or virtually. Depending on your preferences, we facilitate in either English, Danish or Swedish.

As our interventions may differ a lot based on customer needs, it is evident for us to set learning goals and define the learning process with HR/Management, and thereby anchor the learning directly within the organisation.

Our approach is creative, action-oriented, fun and always focused on fostering engagement, dialogue and inclusion, through addressing the leaders´ current challenges. All our interventions are tied to an individual action plan and learning process.

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