Krister Ekström

Krister Ekström

Krister Ekström

My life purpose both professionally and privately is to:

Enjoy Life, I insist!

Help and Serve, the people I am committed to

Create Impact, making a difference in the world

My values are:

Freedom The ability to live as we choose.
Curiosity Love the Why´s and enlarge the puzzle of life.
GrowthCourage! One step at a time makes the impossible possible.
LoveBeing part of something meaningful and spend time with those who matter most.
HumourHumour is key to relationship building and wellbeing.

I truly love what I am doing today, and I am looking back with pride on my professional life so far. I have been working in different industries for strong brands with an appealing purpose. This has provided me with valuable insights and experience, but also given me a clear compass on who I am and what is important to me. As a business owner, global professional coach, passionate investor, and life-long learner it is necessary for me to have a well calibrated compass when helping others unlocking their potential.

After finishing my university degree M.Sc. in Business Administration (Leadership, Organization and Marketing), I started my career as a Quality Engineer at J. Poulsen Shipping, a family-owned business in the shipping industry. Implementing a quality management system to be fully functioning on the vessels and at the offices ashore, thus reducing the probability of environmental damage and accidents at sea.

I continued working with quality management, being responsible for ISO 9001 at Ericsson Denmark. Ericsson is a multinational company, one of the true centers of the development of the global internet. Being in a fascinating world, where everything was possible and the investments in the future were enormous. Working with fellow likeminded Nordic and global consultants was truly inspiring. Experiencing the millennium bug and a dotcom bubble at such a close range provided valuable insights for my future life and career.

My third and longest employment was in the Danish Association for Managers and Executives (Ledernes Hovedorganisation), with more than 130.000 members. During my 18 years I held many positions, ranging from internal consultant, project manager, team leader, director of operations to executive director being part of the board of management. I worked in close cooperation with the board of directors, and my focus was always to run an efficient, top branded, customer centric and continuously developing organization with engaged and proud employees.

Responsibilities to be mentioned:

  • Strategic- and organizational development
  • Project- and program management
  • Business- and product development
  • Digitization- and digital transformation
  • Back office with IT, HR, Finance
  • Leadership training- and development

In 10 out of the 18 years I was also in charge of a fully owned subsidiary, Ledernes KompetenceCenter A/S. A company, within the corporate leadership training market, with 40 employees and more than 80 partners working together on:

  • Company specific customized training programs
  • In house open courses/-programs
  • Digital learning (e-learning)
  • Outplacement
  • Coaching
  • Executive networks
  • Running a conference center in the middle of Copenhagen

Today, alongside being a business owner and a global professional coach, I do voluntary work within The International Coaching Federation (ICF). As President Elect in the Danish ICF Chapter board, my passion for coaching, leadership competencies and experience of leading voluntary organizations come in handy.

On a more personal level I love spending time with my family, travelling the world, being creative and innovative in the kitchen, meeting new people and do a lot of different sports. I’m a passionate open water swimmer and I truly enjoy ice swimming. Ice swimming provides an excellent opportunity to practice the muscle of overcoming your own limits, accepting the presence, and additionally getting a daily energy boost.

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