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Ekström Leadership works with executives, leaders, high performers, teams, and organisations, who want to deepen their impact in the world. We help them unlocking their potential, thus creating a better future. Our customers vary from international high-tech companies to individual entrepreneurs, across a variety of industries.

We help leaders speed up their natural development process and increase their capacity for leadership, thus creating impactful behavioural changes and achieving results faster. We facilitate the process and develop their wellbeing as well as personal mental, emotional and relational competencies for leading themselves and others through coaching or training programs centred around soft skills, communication and leadership.

Ekström Leadership also helps individuals, teams, and whole organisations to boost their wellbeing in the workplace through stress coaching, courses around stress management and mindfulness.

Additionally, we work with individuals outside of a working context regarding personal development and/or tackling stress, either through life coaching, through programs or therapy based on body and breathing techniques.

What drives us?

What drives us?

Creating impact

We believe leaders have a key role to play in handling the challenges of the world. It requires an extraordinary mental and emotional skill set to navigate complexity and create sustainable solutions: we help develop that skill set! We help create authentic and brave leaders, who unite people and yet dare to make the necessary tough decisions.

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People often live the lives of other people, as we are not aware of what we really want out of life and what are other people´s internalized expectations. Becoming aware of your own true core and untapped potential and start living, anchored in this inner platform, is extremely empowering. It often requires the courage to be both totally honest with and kind to yourself. It might not always be pleasant – but we promise you, it is always worth it!

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Learning and curiosity

Who do I have to become to live the life I dream of?
Life offers a continuous learning process, giving you the chance to understand more about yourself, others and the world. By being curious and allowing yourself to experiment, insisting on always getting more out of life, you develop new competencies and grow into mastering your authentic dream life. New doors open, doors you didn’t even know existed and you end up constantly enlarging the puzzle of life.

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Leadership Coaching

Increase your wellbeing and capacity for leading yourself and others.

Leadership Training & Development

Increase the size of your leadership footprint.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Thriving employees simply do a better job! Creativity, problem solving and team citizenship flourish!

Team Development & Communication

Release the potential of the individuals and their multifaceted relationships.

Self Mastery Programs

Imagine being able to change your energy and feelings at your own will!

Self Mastery Therapy

Your life challenges hold the innate seed for your growth and blossoming.

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