Self Mastery Therapy

Self Mastery Therapy

Self Mastery Therapy

Your life challenges hold the innate seed for your growth and blossoming. Learn to embrace them, transcend and fully thrive!

Life continually throws us challenges to learn and grow from. Our capacity to handle them differ in so many ways and vary over a life span.

We have firsthand experience of how life changing and transformational personal development can be. You can literally get “a new life”, learning to live your life in a new, more joyful way. It is an incredible fact! Literally rebuilding and balancing your brain and nervous system – creating the new you.

The skills of self-leadership and self-regulation are gradually crafted, following a generic development process.

Working with me involves a creative process, integrating your mind, your body, and your higher sense of Self to foster synergy and transformation. You might therefore experience getting tools from body-based therapies (yoga, EFT, breathing exercises) as well as from mindfulness, cognitive and systemic therapy to name some.

I adapt my way of working to your needs and challenges. Your therapy sessions are focused on leveraging your growth, where it matters the most.

Whether you find yourself in a challenging life situation or whether you are invested in personal development as a lifelong spiritual calling, I would love to be working with you.

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and it is my true passion to help you realize your inner potential and take your next step towards authentic, prosperous living.

If you want to read more about my educational background and experiences, please read About Birgitte

What previous clients say

What previous clients say


Maiken Boysen

“I have had the pleasure to take part in Birgitte’s therapy over a series of 10 sessions. I am amazed by the immediate effect it had on my mind and body and the method has helped me immensely in search for relief.

Birgitte’s presence and radiance (even from behind a screen) and her ability to put your thoughts and scattered reflections into words and meaningful intentions is impressive and makes you feel calm and comfortable at once.

I highly recommend Birgitte’s work!”


Anna Helene Hjorth

“My own inner journey with Birgitte as a guide has helped me to find my own strength and tranquillity. I have found the tools present within me, to bring myself back to myself when the old patterns run away with me.

Birgitte has helped me to feel and to embrace that the unpleasant signals, my body has given me all my life, are good for me. My body tells me that here’s an area I need to attend to and act on.

Strongly strengthened and with a clear direction for my further work in life, I thank Birgitte very much for the therapy journey.”


Nicole Schmidt

“I was amazed by how easily Birgitte helped me to tap into my own resources. Whenever we were meeting, I was magically drawn into a realm where solutions seemed to happen by themselves. I have rarely experienced such a high quality of someone being totally present with me and helping me focus on where I want to go and to feel that it is possible for me to get there. Birgitte’s loving and kind presence on its own is healing and calming. I felt safe, seen, and understood and I’ve learned how I can provide this for myself, which makes life so much easier. If you every feel stuck, I recommend taking sessions with her. It helped me tremendously.

Birgitte is a Danish Psychotherapist MPF trained to practice psychotherapy, based on research and recognized theories.

A psychotherapist MPF works to:

  • Support people in crises and difficult life situations
  • Help people change inappropriate thought and behavior patterns towards increased quality of life and personal maturation and integrity
  • Help people make healthy life choices
  • Prevent and treat psychosocial and/or psychosomatic disorders

As such Birgitte is trained to prevent and treat anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, grief and crisis & family and relational problems.

On a practical note

On a practical note

On a practical note – Individual Therapy

The sessions are grounded in body-based therapies, mindfulness as well as cognitive and systemic tools. We address all aspects of being you.

You will typically get some exercises to practice between the sessions, to strengthen the connection with your body´s signalling system and your deepest potential. Practices which will leverage your capacity for self-mastery.

To foster commitment and continuity, we set up a process of a minimum of 5 sessions of 60 minutes, except the first one (90 min.). All sessions can be hosted virtually or face-to-face in our office locations.

Cancellations must be done at the latest 24 hours before the scheduled time via mail/SMS, otherwise payment unfortunately is due.

On a practical note – Group Therapy

A circle of 5 participants meets every month for a 3,5-hour session.

  • Meditation, to connect to your deepest core and potential.
  • An application of a new tool for strengthening your body awareness and ability to handle emotions.
  • Individual processes, where everybody finds new insights about themselves and current challenges – also through mirroring other people´s processes.

The sessions are grounded in body-based therapies, mindfulness as well as cognitive and systemic tools. We address all aspects of being you.

Try out a 30-minute free therapy call!

No obligations, no costs, but a chance for you to get the gist of coaching and its power to create insights, decisions and transform your life. We will focus on what is next in your life.